Our Nursery

At Birkemeier Nursery LLC, we take quality seriously. We grow strong, vigorous filbert nursery stock and hand-sort our product, ensuring that we sell the best.

Whether potted or bare-root, our hazelnut nursery trees are healthy and strong.

We support Oregon State University’s Horticultural Department recommendations to produce and sell the most recently released hazelnut varieties resistant to Eastern Filbert Blight.

At OSU, Dr. Shawn Mehlenbacher and David Smith have been working for years in the hazelnut breeding program to overcome EFB’s crippling effects on the hazelnut industry and improve the end product, the hazelnut itself.  New improved hazelnut varieties are chosen for qualities such as size, mold resistance and kernel quality, while establishing a high resistance to Eastern Filbert Blight.

Our current list of filbert nursery stock is located on our Varieties & Price page.

Due to limited nursery stock, we HIGHLY recommend you pre-order your trees. We are currently taking orders for the next 4 planting seasons. We have a few potted trees, but mostly bare-root trees from our established stool beds.  A simple $1/tree deposit (non-refundable but transferable) will confirm your order for the appropriate numbers and variety of hazelnut trees you require when you’re ready to plant. Deposits are collected to confirm orders a year to year and a half in advance of delivery season.

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