Nursery Policy & Information

Birkemeier Farms has set as a company policy that we will sell released Hazelnut cultivars, intended for commercial orchards, to growers in Western Oregon and Washington only.

All deposits for filbert tree orders are non-refundable. If BFI is unable to deliver, the amount will be applied to any remaining order. If there is no order on our books, the deposit may be applied to the following year or refunded.

All pots and tote boxes will be returned to BFI.

Arrangements can be made for large tree orders to be delivered.

Potted trees will be available beginning in early November.

We will begin digging bare-root trees¬†late November or early December, after they have gone dormant and the leaves have dropped. They are sorted, bundled in 20’s and packed in sawdust in a totebox.

All restrictions on propagating patented varieties must be respected. All new releases beginning in 2012 are patented and may NOT be propagated without the proper licensing agreement with the office of OCCD at Oregon State University and a Nursery license from Oregon Department of Agriculture.



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