Variety and Price List 2018 / 2019

Birkemeier Nursery sells only highly resistant hazelnut varieties that have been developed and released from Oregon State University’s Hazelnut Breeding Program. See link below for how we support the Breeding Program.


Below is a list of the filbert varieties we have in our nursery. The ones marked by a red asterisk * are patented by OSU. Propagation of those varieties is prohibited unless you have the proper licensing agreement with the office of OCCD at Oregon State University and a current ODA Nursery License. Royalty charges are included in the tree price.

Main Crop Varieties: Bare Root and Potted – $6.00


 Pollinizers: Bare Root $7.50

  • ETA
  • YORK *
  • DORRIS *
  • FELIX *  

* All Hazelnut trees sold in quantities less than 20 are $10 each.

* We do NOT sell our hazelnut trees outside of Oregon and Washington.

* We are NOT able to sell into Canada.

* We do NOT package and ship trees.

Deposit of $1 per tree confirms your order. Our trees are mostly bare root.  We fill our orders on a first ordered, first filled basis, by date.  Balance is due on receipt of trees.  All pots and totes will be returned to Birkemeier Nursery. We add a deposit of $30 per tote box to the order. Refundable when boxes are returned in a timely manner.

All our Hazelnut trees are hand sorted. #1 Potted trees are at least 32″ planted height. #1 Bare-root trees are a minimum of 32″ planted height and have strong roots around the stem. Caliper varies.

Trees grown in the shade-house or traditionally propagated from the field should not require staking. Greenhouse grown trees may need the support of a stake when planted in the field. Many people choose to stake everything to prevent tipping in the wind. We like to use a 3/8″ x 5′ bamboo stake. 

Please review our Nursery Policy & Information page.

Check out Understanding Compatibility for more information on pollen alleles and timing.

Please review policy page for Sales and Shipping Policy.

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