Hazelnut Farm Visit

This week we had the honor of being on the tour agenda for the OSU “Discovering Willamette Valley Agriculture” course. This class is offered through Oregon State University and is designed for K-12 educators, county commissioners, state legislators, high school and university students, as well as interested community members with little or no agricultural background.

The objective of the course was to learn about agriculture from farmers, what it takes to make a living as a member of a farming family, and the kind of decisions that impact your financial success.  We were only one of many farm businesses that were visited.

Rich spoke about the history of our farm, the involvement of the members of our family, and the biggest trials and challenges that we face as an agricultural business.  We had a beautiful sunny morning to meet in the orchard. Later, we joined the group at St. Josef’s Winery for a very nice lunch.

Discovering Willamette Valley Agriculture

July 10 visit from OSU discovering ag group

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