Late Pollinizers

As I look out over the Yamhill hazelnut orchard today, I notice that the golden glow that was there 2 weeks ago is gone.  The pollen from the Yamhill filbert trees had been dispersed and the filbert catkins are brown and falling to the ground.  Periodically you see a tree that is still glowing with yellow catkins. These are the Epsilon that have late pollen for our Yamhill orchard.

Epsilon hazelnut pollinizers cover Yamhill's late blooms

It is very important to have pollinizers that cover the full range of time that the filbert flower for your chosen main crop variety is receptive to pollinate.

Yamhill filbert still has blooms late in the season

That is the reason it is highly recommended that you have at least 3 different pollinizers spread thoughout your orchard.  You want your pollen to cover bloom timing for early, mid and late season for the filbert variety that you have planted.

For more information on pollination and varieties click here.

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