What you get with Birkemeier Nursery …

When purchasing trees from Birkemeier Nursery, LLC, you get more than just great filbert trees.

We have the advantage of experience from the prospective of a grower, nurseryman and processor. Let me briefly explain.

Rich has been active in the hazelnut industry for over 40 years. He served as President of the Nut Society in 1979, was Nut Grower of the year in 1988 and has served on the Hazelnut Commission for over 12 years. In many industry meetings you will see him up front sharing his experience.

In 1978, Willamette Filbert Growers, Inc. was established in Newberg. Along with the Mitchell and Newell farms, we became processors then shellers, with the start-up of Willamette Shelling.

In 1990, with heavy Eastern Filbert Blight pressure in our Ennis orchard, Rich was “forced” to learn propagation. We learned to graft with OSU experimental variety 243.002 (later released as Lewis) for replacement trees on our farm. In 2003 we planted the first ever micropropatated filbert orchard, later to become Yamhill. Since then our nursery has expanded with stool-beds and greenhouses.

So, what do you get?

*  #1 filbert trees that are graded for quality.

*  Replacement policy. (Please no tractor blight!)

*  Personal consultation for questions, support and encouragement for planning, establishing and maintaining your orchard.

And There Is More…..

IN a separate business, our son (Loren Birkemeier) does custom planting in your scribed, prepared field.  North Willamette Valley – Limited availability. Conditions Apply.   Email for more information.      Loren_Birkemeier@hotmail.com

SO, When you are searching for a FULL SERVICE nursery for your hazelnut trees, please consider Birkemeier Nursery.  We are nurserymen with a Growers’ perspective.

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